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Sunday, September 21, 2014

NFL Player's Conduct Policy Draft Proposal

Mr. Goodell, here are a few proposed ideas to get things started.  

NFL Conduct policy (Draft)

All current and NFL draftees must voluntary agree to a background check before the first seasonal game begins effective the date of this policy.  

Going forward all future Draftees must submit to a background check before being signed and admitted into the NFL.

NFL Draftees must submit to a qualification interview conducted by a Compliance Advisory Board of the NFL.

All Draftees entering the NFL must certifiably pass all compliance training courses and be mentored by a personal coach for the first year that will be paid for out of Draftees salary.  The personal coach and Draftee will report quarterly progress to the Compliance Advisory Board.

Any conduct unbecoming to a professional of the NFL found by the Compliance Advisory Board will result in a recommendation by the board to revoke admittance of a Draftee into the NFL.

Any conduct unbecoming a professional players of the NFL on or off the field will result in the following minumum actions:
  • 1st offense:   Benched for two ball possessions
  • 2nd offense:  Benched for one-half game 
  • 3rd offense:   Benched for one game 
Continued conduct policy offenses will result in an one year and/or indefinite suspension from the NFL,

Any conduct causing the injury of another person(s) on or off the field will result in the minimum actions:
  • 1st  offense:   One game suspension
  • 2nd offense:  Three game suspension
  • 3rd offense:   One year suspension
  • 4th offense:   Expulsion from the NFL. 
Any conduct resulting in the arrest of a professional player of the NFL will result in an immediate six game suspension.

An arrest resulting in charges being filed against a professional player of the NFL will result in an immediate suspension from all NFL pre and post games, and practices until proven innocent.

A conviction of ANY charge in a court of law will result in an immediate expulsion for life from the NFL.

All NFL Draftees and current professional players of the NFL must attend and pass certified online compliance training in the following areas:
  • Substance abuse compliance training course
  • Anger management compliance training course
  • Sexual harassment compliance training course
  • Spousal abuse compliance training course
  • Financial management 101 training
(To be amended to by the Commissioner of the NFL, and Team Owners, Player association and Union,  The final approved policy will be public information)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don't Believe What I say, just wait for the final chapter, if you're there we me

In today’s society exposure to chemicals in the environment is increasing.  The air we breathe is more toxic.  The food we eat is depleted of important and critical nutrients. 

Even with our best efforts to eat all the right things in the right quantities we still don’t get enough nutrients into our body to support our cells against an environment that grows harsher everyday.  

With this in mind I’ve been working on a project that is expanding globally that will potentially strengthen the body's immune system, increase and sustain higher energy levels, and defend against the aging process.  Imagine powerful anti-oxidants that are delivered via a liquid nutritional program that is simple, convenient, and complete. 

Nutrients delivered in a unique formulaic liquid form, and with innovative methods help the body absorb supplements more completely; nearly 98% and with greater efficiency.

I really love this stuff! Liquid vitamins support and sustain from the inside out excellent health, beauty, and the energy to experience a longer life.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Abundance is all around us

I’ve always heard and believed that the universe is full of abundance just for the asking, and last week while withdrawing some cash for the week a thought came over me while my mind unconsciously operated options on the ATM screen.   In today’s digital society there are **trillions** of dollars flowing around the world electronically in the form of  digital signals that flow through all of us daily.  What if we could flip a switch in our brain and some of that money flowed into your pockets?   Think hard about what you want from life then ask the universe for it.